About Us

The Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company Pty Ltd., has been cooking and selling nuts up and down the South Coast of NSW and in Canberra for the past 18 years.

That is if you take into consideration that 18 years ago, we did not even have a name. With the attentive assistance of the N.E.I.S.Scheme, (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) we soon became “Nutucopia”.

What followed was a rather tumultuous decade or so, until the creation of “The Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company Pty. Ltd.,” affectionately known as BBNRC, or “the business,” That was around 7 years ago.

From its inception I have always been “The Master Roaster,” and I have loved pretty well near 100% of the thousands of transactions I have made over the years.

We endeavour to keep everything as simple as possible, hence you may be surprised at the lack of ingredients in our products. I have little control over this web site though!
I use Macadamia Oil to roast my range of savoury Macadamias and Cashews.

Come!! Visit us and sample our, “Wasabi and Saweed,” “Honey and Coconut” & “Salt and Vinegar,” Macadamias for a start!.” Then there are our “Maple Roasted Pecans.” and “Vienna Almonds!”…And that’s just for starters..

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ALMONDS: Loxton South Australia

PEANUTS: Kingaroy Qld! Where else?


CASHEWS: Vietnamese.

*Cashews are not grown commercially in Australia. Even the results of trial crops held in NT & Qld., are sent to Asia for processing.

Come try the most popular “Wasabi and Seaweed” Macadamia, my “Salt and Vinegar” Macadamia, and my LATEST, The “Honey and Coconut Macadamia! So Divine, I am having trouble to stop eating them!

Then there is my Maple Toasted Pecan, made with 100% Pure (of course) Maple syrup and wonderful Australian Pecans! And seriously, that’s just for starters!!

The “Honey Coconut Macadamias is NOW listed on this site!! My Latest and also my Most Popular Nut!

Please say hello, and if you taste, and not buy, a “Thank You” is considered a wondrous blessing.


I am The Master Roaster of The Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Company.

I take pride in my product, and I stand by “My Nuts!”

Yes! I know, it is hard not to laugh, but laugh we will!!

Have fun, and Thanks!!

Mark McNamara